By Hazel

Why you should never paint Office walls White

White walls in a room might feel crisp and clean, like a blank slate, but if they’re in your workplace, it’s time to repaint. Color not only affects a person’s mood, but it can also hinder a worker’s effectiveness.

In a study from the University of Texas, researcher Nancy Kwallek tested the impact of color on productivity by giving three groups of people clerical tasks to complete in three different rooms, each painted a different color: red, white, and aqua. Some individuals, which Kwallek calls high-screeners, were able to block out the color “noise” of their surroundings, while others, low-screeners, were affected by it. The high-screeners had no difficulty working in the red room, while low-screeners tended to be distracted by the color. Both groups, however, made more errors when they worked in the white room.

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